Video Wall Solutions

Cable Connexions is commitment to providing high quality, leading-edge display technology. With innovations in video walls, large format displays, and touch interactivity, Cable Connexions offers the best visualization solutions for a variety of demanding vertical markets.

Whether it’s mission-critical applications, immersive customer experiences, or connecting with information in new ways, Cable Connexions can bring visual experiences to life. We are proud to have created some of the best designed Large Screen sites to date.

Digital displays are changing the face of our public spaces while enhancing office productivity and collaboration. Whether used for digital signage, informational messaging, system monitoring, advertising, productivity and communication, entertainment or architectural ambiance, Cable Connexions can create a costum solution for you to transform the experiences of working, shopping, and socializing.

Cable Connexions is on the forefront of these trends with designing award-winning display’s that are designed for the rigors of public venue installations and mission critical operations while delivering the features and performance that create incredible visual experiences. Contact us today to start your design that will last a lifetime.