Wireless Commercial and residential Security

Wireless home and business security makes protecting your family and business easy. There are no holes to drill, or wires to run. While that makes installation easier and cheaper, it also makes you less vulnerable to criminals who in the past were able to disarm your systems simply by cutting a few wires.  Most systems also come with battery backups, which means with a wireless security system you’re protected, even when power fails.

Commercial and Residential Equipment

Most home security systems consist of a control panel and a network of sensors and detectors to keep your home safe. The control panel is central to the system. It monitors the carious sensors and when things go wrong it sends a signal to the monitoring center so you can get the help that you need, when you need it. The sensors detect things like motion, vibration, smoke, heat, carbon monoxide, water and more. They are generally placed at key points throughout the home or business and provide great protection.