When it comes to Home Media Rooms, Homeowners demand the best. -Which is why they come to depend on Cable Connexions for their Media Room Installation Needs. Custom-Design Home Media Rooms are our specialty.  What is a Luxury Media Room? Homeowners sometimes are surprised to find out that. There is more to custom design home media rooms that just selling a big screen TV and a few speakers. In fact, there is a great deal to consider and a lot of advance planning that goes into a proper media room installation. Our technicians will to the clients him and do a thorough analysist of the room under construction, factors that go into a media room setup:

  • Size
  • Acoustic Characteristics
  • existing equipment
  • shape of the room
  • location of the room (Upstairs or in the basement)
  • Built in cabinets
  • Furnishing

Of course we are not a furniture store, how you choose to furnish your luxury media room is up to you. Our expertise when it comes to media rooms installations lies in the knowledge of technology that brings the big screen experience to life for you and your family. Once the physical Characteristics of a proposed media room have been examined and analyzed we then sit down with the client and discuss how the room will be used for parties and general entertainment. Do you want a complete home theater that is strictly for movie viewing? Once this is determined our technicians go to work on the actual media room installation.